Fellowships and Programmes

Quexst Healthcare aims to cover most of the Surgical Specialties for Domestic Fellowships, Overseas Fellowships, and Observerships.
Currently, the learning needs of Surgical Specialties like Orthopedic, Ophthalmology & Gynecology are addressed by us.

Interested students of other Medical specialties can contact Quexst Healthcare with their requirements and we will do our best to accomodate their learning needs.

Quexst Healthcare will keep in touch with them and contact them as soon as we start working on a Fellowship or Course in their specialty area.

Do not forget to share your Contact Details with Quexst Healthcare, so that we can keep you updated with our latest offerings in Fellowships and Online Medical Courses.

Various institutions and mentors offer structured fellowships, with committed level of assistance-ship level experience, and Quexst Healthcare will assist interested students in getting these fellowships as per their requirements.

Fellowship in Orthopaedics


A Fellowship is an experiential learning component which helps in the professional development of doctors.

Fellowship in Ophthalmology


The Domain of Eye Surgery is fast changing and new approaches appear every day.

Fellowship in Gynaecology


Quexst Healthcare is very pleased to offer Fellowship in India and Switzerland to Gynaecologists!

Certificate course in Diabetes Management


The Certificate in Diabetes Management is unique, as it covers extensive theoretical as well as case based knowledge. This is a dedicated course for d...

Certificate course in Rheumatology


Quexst Healthcare's Certificate course in Rheumatology and Joint Disorders (CCRJD) focuses on discussing latest diagnostic methods, analysing symp...

Certificate course in Orthopaedic Oncology


This course will impart basic introduction to Oncology, essential for all practicing Orthopedic Surgeons to do their jobs well.

Fellowship in Hand and Upper Limb

Fellowship in Hand and Upper Limb

Dr Wahegaonkar is a Fellowship trained surgeon, with 14 plus years of experience in the comprehensive management of upper extremity problems, and is s...

Fellowship in Cardiology


A number of transformational changes have occurred in the field of medicine in recent years, making it critical to maintain and continuously update pr...

Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology


In today’s world, more and more people are going in for enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques and are looking for Hy...