Prof. Gautier,
It was an honour working with you and your team. Thank you very much for the opportunity given to me. I was very glad to spend those 8 weeks in your department. This fellowship helped me to refine my skills and also learn a lot of new things and principles in arthroplasty and traumatology. I am very grateful to all your team members for their constant support given to me throughout this fellowship. I would also like to thank Dr Daniel Petek and Dr Maestretti for lending their helping hands.

I wish to look forward to meet you guys again. I also look forward to see you in India. Just leave me a message and I am longing to welcome you to my country.

Last but not least I must thank Mrs Marcela Acri for her constant help and support throughout the fellowship.

Profile : Dr. H. V.
Email : markbensontest@gmail.com
Phone : 345345345

Testimonial 1

Feedback from student doing observership during the Orthopedic Oncology Course

Student of Orthopaedic Oncology Course