The following general terms and conditions apply, however regional circumstances and regulations, contractual obligations to our partners, and matters relating to location, training areas and logistics may cause these to be varied slightly for specific areas, or specific destinations.
Quexst Healthcare has taken sufficient steps to verify and check all information of availability, eligibility, accessibility, requirements and preferences and has taken into consideration the best interests of the students and associated agencies.
The standards of learning, logistics and other services chosen are based on different aspects, which are generally accepted to be satisfactory and of required standards.
The commercials are as per the current situation and are subject to change in events of re-scheduling, deferrals, extension. Quexst Healthcare shall take into consideration the best interests of the students. Do note that the commercials and services are subject to change without notice.
Re-scheduling: Requests to re-schedule your training would be subject to availability. Also, requests related to change of schedule after confirmation shall be considered until one month before the scheduled dates. The re-scheduling requests given shall be considered for dates within six months from your confirmed schedule. Quexst Healthcare shall strive to make the best possible arrangements for the students as per the preferences and requirements given by the student. The students are requested to give preference of their dates if they would like to re-schedule their dates. Re-scheduling within six months shall be subject to availability. Based on the preferences conveyed by candidate during scheduling, Quexst Healthcare will strive to re-schedule within 6 months of the earlier scheduled date. If due to lapses or negligence of Quexst, the re-scheduling as per the initial preferences is not arranged within 12 months from the scheduled date, then the refund including the processing fee shall be arranged.
There shall be processing fee of Rs. 5,000 for training program upon your confirmation to undertake the training. The processing fee shall be an inclusive part of the course fees. The payment of amount equal to or exceeding the processing fee shall confirm your enrolment for the program and enable us to book your schedule as per your preferences, availability and other aspects.
There could be reasons and events which may not be in control of Quexst or partners of Quexst as well as not under control of the students due to which adjustments in the schedule would need to be done. If there is occurrence of any such reasons or events, then Quexst will try its best to arrange for a revised schedule for the candidate within 9 months of the scheduled dates. Quexst would look into this by close co-ordination with the candidate and by taking into consideration their preferences.
The confirmation once done cannot be cancelled within 3 months prior to the schedule date. The availability is confirmed with our experts and partners and the availability has been accordingly booked. Cancellation requests shall be considered upon strong reasoning of why the candidate would like to cancel the program. The board shall decide with required evaluation on whether the cancellation request shall be accepted. If the cancellation requests are accepted, the processing fee shall not be refunded. 
Cancellation requests must be in writing and should be addressed to the mailing addresses mentioned under our Contact page.
Charges for flight bookings or any travel bookings done through us are fully non-refundable and non-transferable.
Any incidents or events including or related to schedule, re-scheduling, injuries, absenteeism, service challenges must be reported to us during the event. We are here to serve you and providing you with good satisfaction. We also request you to mail us to enable us to look into the situation and provide you with our support.
Fees for additional arrangements for your relatives, spouse or kids with respect to accommodation services, travel services or any other forms of services shall be based on the nature and details of services. We are happy to serve you and your loved ones.
The quotations are valid for next 30 days or as are mentioned in the proforma invoice, and are subject to availability. The quotations shall be guaranteed upon confirmation and payment of the required booking or token amount.
Depending on your requirements, prices may include accommodation, training, travel, visa, government taxes and any other services as specified in writing in the quotation or mail communication.
Prices will not include any expenses incurred during your training or learning from your journey to and from the destination, on the meals, local travel at the destination location, telecommunication expenses, purchase of items for personal usage and any other components which are not mentioned in writing in the quotation or through any other form of written communication.