1.    Connect to us with your CV:
If you are interested in any of the programs offered by Quexst Healthcare, please send an Email (to fellowships@quexst.com ) stating the sub-specialty you are interested in, the dates suitable for you to do the fellowship, and your updated CV mentioning number of years of experience and names of specialties you have been practicing in. We shall help you prepare a structured CV according to requirements and match a suitable institution according to your needs.

2.    Planning:
Once we at Quexst Healthcare receive your preferences and complete your Academic Rating, we shall recommend a suitable institution and freeze the dates for doing the fellowship. After we mutually agree on the schedule and duration of your program, other formalities like travel and accommodation will be discussed and planned. After identification of the program, dates and other preferences related to stay and travel a proforma invoice will be generated and sent to you.  You need to register for the program submitting the necessary documents and payment of fees as per the proforma invoice. The course fee depends on the level of practical experience being committed by the teaching institution.

3.    Letter of Motivation:
Most Universities abroad require a letter of motivation to be written by the doctor, stating his reasons for requesting for a fellowship at their institution. This includes a general profile mentioning details about specialization, work experience, seniority, certificates of participation in various activities related to professional medical background etc. , Quexst Healthcare will guide our fellows on how to write this letter of motivation.

4.    Documentation:
You will be required to share your documents as per our check list in order to share details with the institution where you will be going, as well as for the Visa (for fellowships abroad) and other formalities. It is very important that all documents shared with us are as per the check list, as incomplete or weak documentation can result in rejections. Also documents must be shared well in advance in case of fellowships abroad as the visa process takes some time and flight tickets become more expensive as one books closer to the date of travel.

5.    Visa and Ticketing (For Fellowships abroad):
Once your documents are shared with the institution and they have accepted your application for fellowship the visa process begins. All documents required for a Visa must be shared with us at least 3 months before travel so that we are enabled to do your Visa Rating and submit strong documentation for the Visa. Also we will have enough time in hand to get a better deal for flights and accommodation for you. Flight tickets will be arranged after the Visa is granted.

6.    Accommodation:
We help you to find suitable accommodation, for the fellowship period, at the place where you are going; whether in India or abroad. In case your family is planning to accompany you we will make arrangements according to your requirements.

7.    Fellowship program:
The fellowship program starts with an Induction program done by the Academic team of Quexst Healthcare. The Induction program is to explain the details of the program, travel & Stay arrangements. The program also covers the expectation setting based on the faculty and institution of the fellowship. Different institutions have different expectations from the students.  The induction also covers the rules and regulations with reference to medical ethics and other rules based on law of the land of the country in which fellowships is scheduled.  
Each fellowship programme will be conducted as per the norms and rules of the institution where you will be going. The fellows will be guided by a mentor and will get to interact with different experts and their teams and will be able to discuss complex cases with them.  Fellows will be able to observe a variety of surgeries and may be allowed to wash-up depending on the regulations at the hospital and the comfort of the mentor. Fellows can interact with patients and participate in investigations, as well as sharing your own experiences with your colleagues there.

8.    Logs and Submissions:
Fellows will be required to maintain a log book of work done on a day to day basis,  or they could be asked to participate in research work, prepare data etc. At the end of the fellowship, a fellowcan be asked tomake a presentation of the learnings or may be asked to go through viva-voce.  These are different methods used by the teaching hospital to evaluate the learning experience. We help the fellows with preparation of presentation. This presentation is useful once the fellow returns to submit to his fellowship sponsor, be it the hospital he/she is working in or an NGO sponsoring it. The Quality of Learning experience during fellowship depends on the student’s dedication to learning, the learning objectives and keenness shown by the student.

9.    Certification:
The certificate of participation and completion will be awarded by the institution where you have completed the fellowship and all required submissions. The certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the fellowship with fellow student meeting all evaluation criteria. The criteria could include attendance in hospital as per defined schedule, participation in the activities as expected, contribution in the activities in the hospital.

10.    Feedback:
You could share your feedback as your fellowship progresses, and once you return after the fellowship, Quexst Healthcare would expect you to share full  feedback regarding the experience, so that we  know how useful this training was for you and also if we can make any changes or improvements in the logistics. Every constructive feedback which comes to us helps us in improving the experience for you.

We shall make arrangements of logistics, stay, etc.  to simplify your life and provide you with all guidance to make sure that your experience and stay is made comfortable. Through alliances and strong networks with travel partners, we will plan for your visa and travel arrangements as well.