Quexst Healthcare is very pleased to offer Fellowships in India and Switzerland to Gynaecologists! This is an opportunity for doctors to learn under the guidance of the topmost faculty in their fields. Through interaction with the faculty, fellows are exposed to various surgical procedures and clinical scenarios showing high quality of medical care.
These Fellowships at our partner institutions are for 4 to 8 weeks. If a longer term fellowship is required, speak to us and we will see how we can help you out. Call us to get your eligibility verified and then send in your application for a fellowship based on the seats available with Highly Qualified Mentors.
The exposure  and practice based learning in Gynaecology includes the sub specialties of Obstetrics, Infertility Medicine IVF, and Laproscopy. The fellowship provides excellent clinical training, introduction to advanced techniques, and a wide-ranging and in-depth educational experience.

In India, we give you the opportunity to train with the best Gynaecological Laproscopy Surgeon of Mumbai! Don't miss this chance!

Laparoscopic surgery is a key advance in modern methods of surgery involving the use of a laparoscope, which is a thin fiber optic tube with a small video camera attached on its tip. Small incisions of 0.5-1cm are made and the laparoscope is inserted through this in order to get a view of the area to be operated. Other tiny surgical instruments are inserted through other small incisions  to perform a procedure.

Practising Gynaecologists
rajendra Dr Rajendra Sankpal
Please send an Email to fellowships@quexst.com, stating your Name, mobile number, email id, area of interest and attach scanned copies of your CV, Medical council Registration and Medical Degrees. Once we obtain Eligibility confirmation based on your documents, we will contact you for further process.
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Program Name : Fellowship in Gynaecology