Quexst Healthcare and Ruby Hall Pune, offer you 'Certificate Course in Rheumatology and Joint Disorders' (CCRJD). The focus is on discussing latest diagnostic methods, analysing symptoms, and understanding the disease and disorders. The diverse faculty, many with international reputations, will share their latest research and extensive experience. Students will engage in lively discussions on different real life cases with the faculty. The specialty of Rheumatology deals with arthritis, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal pain disorders and osteoporosis.
Certificate courses are intended to spread awareness and impart knowledge. Patients approach a doctor with little or sometimes no knowledge about the nature of their health issue and the appropriate consultant they should approach. As a medical practitioner it is the responsibility of the doctor to understand the scope of patient care, and refer the patient to an appropriate qualified specialist or successfully treat the patient in absence of available expertise. Quexst Healthcare assumes that the doctors attending its training programs are adequately aware about ethical medical practices and adhere to those strictly.
Every healthcare professional needs a thorough and updated knowledge of this subject. Our aim and vision is to optimize patient care and our program is specially designed to provide the most updated information and strategies for General Practitioners, Physicians, Pediatricians, and Orthopedic Surgeons, encouraging the practice of evidence based medicine.
We offer a comprehensive, interactive and multimedia enriched Professional Certificate Course in Rheumatology designed to recognize sub-specialty experience in Rheumatology for practicing qualified physicians and Orthopaedic surgeons. The program helps them to gain in-depth sub-specialty awareness.
A registered student of this program is given a user name and password. The student will log in with that user name and password on our Learning Management system (LMS). The LMS is available to the student 24x 7. The student can study the 15 recorded eLearning lectures. The students are also expected to attend 5interactive real time case study lecture through this log-in. If the student happens to miss the real time class or wants to once again listen to the lecture, that can be done by accessing the recorded lecture-Interaction at any time using the LMS. The entire learning and evaluation process is through the Learning Management System.Our panel of over 10 experts will make learning comprehensive and enriching.
Module -1 –Rheumatology Practice of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Module -2 - Diagnosis in Rheumatology -Important Test
Module -3 - Why RA & Why Not RA?
Module -4 - AnkylosingSpondilitis - How to reduce the severity of symptoms
Module -5 - Swollen Joint - Gout or Pseudogout
Module -6 - Rheumatic Fever - Jones Criteria and their clinical application
Module -7 - Cortisone - Judicious use in Vasculitis
Module -8 - Lower Backache
Module -9 - Prevention, Diagnosis & Management of Bone Mass Loss (Osteoporosis)
Module -10 - DMARD's
Module -11 - Monoclonal Antibodies
Module -12 - Analgesics / NSAID's
Module -13 - When to use Steroids, Ideally!
Module -14 - Impact of Physiotherapy
Module -15 – Fibromyalgia
Any candidate who has passed MBBS, and has completed his internship with a registration certificate from the State Government or concerned authority.
The syllabus is divided into 15 topics.Study material for the topics is provided online and will be available to students 24x7, when they log into their account.Candidates are continually evaluated over a 3 month period by a test at the end of every topic.
The final scores are tabulated as follows:
01        Topic End Test :           30%
02        Final Examination :     70%
In order to be awarded a Certificate in Rheumatology, a minimum of 60% marks are required for passing the final exam.
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Qualification
01 Dr. Abhijeet Wahegaonkar MS, DNB, M.Ch.(USAIM)
02 Dr. Shailaja Sabnis MD
03 Dr. Shashank Akerkar MD
04 Dr. Samir Rajadhyaksha MD
05 Prof. Chhaya V. Verma BPTH
  1. Check the eligibility criteria mentioned and confirm your eligibility for the course.
  • Send us photocopies or scan copies (via email) of passing certificate and permanent registration certificate either on admin@quexst.com or fax to +912066858110.
  • Await email Confirmation of Eligibility.
  • Once the eligibility confirmation is received, complete the online Registration Form. Print it, sign it and dispatch to us along with following documents: Current CV, 2 passport size photographs, self-attested copies of Credentials and post-holding certificates and payment details.
  • Once the application is found to be correct, and complete payment is received, Quexst Healthcare will issue a letter of admission to the candidate.
  • A computer generated, candidate-specific user name and password, with enrolment key for accessing the course topics, will be sent by email.
Amounts (Fees) mentioned below are for Indian Residents :
Total fees will be Rs 20,000 plus 18% GST. The Cheques/ DDs should be payable at Pune, INDIA to "Quexst Healthcare”
Non-Indians (NRIs or Foreign students), Please write to us or contact us for Fees payable.
There is no provision to pay fees in installments and no refunds. The full fee must be paid in advance.

Payment Details

Please use the following details for making the payments using bank transfer or wire transfer. Please note that it is important to mention the complete information given below (swift code/ IFSC code, account number and HDFC bank account details) while making the payment. Please ensure that a copy of your bank remittance proof is sent to us for tracking your payment.
For Bank Transfer OR Credit To:
Current Account number : 1498140000478
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Program Name : Certificate course in Rheumatology and Joint Disorders