We at Quexst Healthcare are very excited to offer a ‘Learn from Home’, completely Online Course mentored and taught by a renowned Orthopedic Onco-surgeon. This course will impart basic introduction to Oncology, essential for all practicing Orthopedic Surgeons to excel in their Specialty/ Sub-specialty.

Course Details:  Duration of course is 2 months of online learning and optional observership. Interested surgeons should get their eligibility verification done and then apply for the course. Please email us your Certificates and Medical Registration for eligibility. New batches begin every alternate month.

o             The aim of this course is to provide practical knowledge when dealing with a case of bone and soft tissue tumour.
o             Explore the place and significance of diagnostic radiology in bone tumours.
o             Understand and order appropriate investigations to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis / differential diagnosis.
o             Understand the principles of tumour biopsy and its applications.
o             Understand the prognosis of musculoskeletal tumours.
Unique features of the Course:

o             Exposure to all aspects of Oncology.
o             An opportunity for observership with a leading orthopedic oncologist in a reputed hospital in Mumbai.

Extensive coverage of topics to enhance practical approach to bone and soft tissue tumours, including tumor classification, staging and prognosis.
11 Topics as below:

1. Introduction to Bone Tumors
2. Getting the most out of plain xrays
3. CT and MRI in bone tumours
4. Benign tumour an tumour like conditions
5. Cystic lesions of the bone
6. Touch me not lesions
7. Giant Cell Tumor
8. Biopsy Technique
9. Biopsy Interpretation
10. Intralesional Surgery
11. Workup and staging of malignant bone tumors
Orthopedic Surgeon – MS / DNB Orthopaedics
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Program Name : Certificate course in Orthopaedic Oncology