A Course mentored by Dr, Sandeep Sattur - Hair Restoration Surgeon at Hairrevive – Center For Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation. 

An alumnus of the Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India, he completed his MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery) from the same organisation.

A hair restoration training program aims to provide the student with the skills necessary to perform all the following tasks:
  • Counsel and advise patients on the risks and benefits of hair restoration surgery.
  • Address the patient's specific general medical and psychological condition, including consideration of the patient's age, sex, physical examination, and family history of hair loss.
  • Identify, advise, and manage patients whose hair loss is not androgenetic in aetiology.
  • Design integrated medical and surgical treatment plans, including hairlines and crowns, for patients between the ages of 16 and 65 who have Norwood-Hamilton patterns II through VII and Ludwig patterns I, II, and III.
  • Set up a hair transplant operating room that will provide a safe environment for patients and staff, including, but not limited to, sterile techniques, proper management of bio hazardous materials, and ergonometrically sound work stations.
  • Harvest hair bearing donor scalp using techniques that minimize follicular damage and maximize donor scar cosmesis.
  • Prepare follicular unit grafts from donor tissue with minimal follicle transection.
  • Demonstrate techniques to maximize graft survival between preparation and implantation.
  • Prepare appropriate sized recipient sites for hair grafts with proper attention to exit angle, hair direction, depth of incision, and spacing, so as to attain a natural appearance and optimize hair growth.
  • Place follicular unit grafts into appropriately sized recipient sites with minimal physiologic and physical follicular trauma.
  • Calculate and administer an appropriate dose of medication for sedation and local anaesthesia for hair replacement surgery, including the use of tumescent solution and high dose epinephrine solution.
  • Recognize and demonstrate appropriate modifications to transplant design and treatment plan for patients who have had prior scalp surgery and identify the appropriate time to integrate scalp extension or expansion into a patient's treatment plan.
  • Demonstrate the proper use of basic life support equipment, including automatic external defibrillators and adjunctive equipment to airway management.
  • Manage complications of hair restoration surgery, including syncope, postoperative infections, haemorrhage and hematomas, postoperative pain syndromes, wide donor scars, and suboptimal results.

Hair restoration is a multidimensional specialty requiring knowledge of several medical disciplines, including genetics, endocrinology, dermatology, and surgery.

ISHRS has defined the core competencies required for a doctor to practice hair restoration, and we have based the program on the same principles. 

2 Days on Campus, working for 8 hours every day, with Mentor and Faculty.
Please see website: http://www.hairrevive.com/teaching-courses.html
Eligibility: (4 categories of Doctors)
  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • General Surgeons
  • ENT Surgeons
2 days on campus, Learning and Observing procedures as defined by the Mentor
Hair Restoration Surgeon at Hairrevive – Center For Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation.
An alumnus of the Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India. He completed his MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery) from the same institute.
He has been practicing in Mumbai for the last 18 years being affiliated to, and having hospital privileges at- Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, and Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.
Having started his practice as a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, he performed his first hair transplant way back in 1998. The initial years were dedicated to reconstructive surgery, burns and cosmetic surgery. He had performed a few hair transplants, when his interest in the hair follicle and its disorders, began superseding other aspects of his plastic surgery practice. Over the next few years he gradually deviated towards a practice dedicated towards hair restoration.
Currently, his practice is exclusively limited to hair restoration. He has been involved in Follicular Unit Micrografting since its introduction in India many years ago and has performed over thousands of hair transplants.

He uses hair transplantation not only to address baldness but also for scarring hair loss caused by trauma and burns and for moustache, beard and eyebrow reconstruction.

He currently uses both techniques of donor harvest (strip harvest and extraction) and when necessary and possible, does not hesitate to use non scalp donor areas (chest, back) for harvesting follicles for restoration.
He lists as priorities patient education and practice of evidence based medicine. In his own personal philosophy, he is conservative in his surgical approach, educates patients about their options, turning away those who are not good candidates, always trying to promise less and deliver more.
At HAIRREVIVE, he is responsible for consultations, planning and performing hair restoration procedures.
He is involved in academic activities, and along with his wife Dr. Indu Sattur, conducts training courses in hair transplantation. He is called upon to present his work at national and international meetings. He has authored chapters in textbooks and published papers.
In his endeavor to practice evidence based hair restoration he has conducted a few clinical trials to test efficacy and safety of new hair restoration treatments.
He is one of the founder members of the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS), India. He has been the President of The AHRS, India. During his tenure he organized the national conference of AHRS – HAIRCON in 2014, at Goa.
He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since 2005.
Dr. Sandeep Sattur has been appointed to the Ethics Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
He is a member of the Pantene Hair Research Institute, a global initiative focused on hair science and developing healthy solutions in hair care.
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Program Name : Certificate Course in Hair Restoration